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  • teadrinking published a new blog Yesterday  14:22 (Comment)
    Peaceful moment
    Sunshine has warmed the land that everything goes to be clean after a whole night rainfall. Nothing is better than a quiet weekend afternoon that no ...


  • jpliu: Liu Yuxi in his nostalgic poem: Long lengths of iron chains sunk on river bottom while a flag of surrender flying on top of the Wall.History,in other words,is something of salvage operations The day before yesterday 10:16 (Reply)


  • teadrinking published a new blog 3 days ago (Comment)
    Work plus fortune
    In most cases you do not have to listen to other guys. What they said usually do not really work on you. What you engage in is to determine your futu ...
  • jpliu: July 30,1998 saw me in high fever. When hospitalized on Dengue on the 4th day,Dr Cheong said I had to suffer 3 more days with much water & rest.Punctually on the 8th day the fever was left to hunger ... 3 days ago (Reply)


  • teadrinking published a new blog 4 days ago (Comment)
    Eleven men grouped together chasing for a ball against the counterpart is not a simple game but a sport of will, skills, organization and tactics. We ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 5 days ago (Comment)
    Against the chill
    On account of no heat, it is cold indoors while as a southerner I get used to it. Surely, as the improvement of living conditions, air-conditioners a ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 6 days ago (Comment)
    Cold night
    Frozen air makes the night chillier,and moonlight has already displayed in silence. Cold winter is in the dominance as new year approaches. Before sp ...
  • jpliu: Lunch over,I sat down at the balcony when I heard 2 ladies talking at the courtyard below. “l look for you front & behind. Let’s walk by the River side,” one said, “Safe at this time of the day. ... 6 days ago (Reply)


  • teadrinking published a new blog 7 days ago (Comment)
    Stay survival
    Compared to DNA, RNA is not that stable to duplicate since it is a single strain of genes. Thus, mutation is common among RNA based virus that means ...



  • qianwen published a new blog 2022-12-8 09:57 (Comment)
    My new wish
    At the beginning of 2022, i held a hope that this year would be a lucky year for me , especially for my marriage affairs . I was ready to start my new ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-12-5 18:39 (Comment)
    December 5 2022
    As of the first case confirmed in December 2019, the three-year long covid-19 pandemic now seems to call an end of its restrictions. Lifting of healt ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-12-4 22:36 (Comment)
    Rainy days
    This weekend is raining all the way. And it reports there will be another round of cold wave. The first half year is deficiency in rainfall, now it p ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-12-2 10:59 (Comment)
    Beyond beautiful
    In the mid night it was chiller than it was in the day, though there was no sound of snow I definitely felt the damp cold, by looking through the win ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-11-29 23:22 (Comment)
    Winter rain
    Continuous raining has been cold enough that I really feel the sense of real winter. What a little bit weird was I heard of thundering as if it was s ...





  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-11-3 16:07 (Comment)
    Phone addiction
    Hours of a phone screen watching unnoticeably consumes the precious time which could have been spent on rest and study. But the temptation of that cy ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-10-31 11:43 (Comment)
    Freed bird
    After acquiring Twitter Elon Musk becomes the boss of Twitter. On Wednesdayhe dramatically carried a sink into to the headquarter of this social medi ...




  • Xtasy published a new blog 2022-10-2 07:37 (Comment)
    Going to camp
    Hello, everyone, I just come here to say that I'm going camping today. My almost-three-year-old daughter is always curious about going to camp because ...


  • Xtasy published a new blog 2022-9-2 01:34 (Comment)
    Suffering for Who I am
    I ’ m a person who ’ s very self-conscious and has a relatively low self-esteem. I realized that back in college. I obtained the highest score ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-8-29 21:25 (Comment)
    Cool down
    Within few days temperature difference is obvious to recall the arrival of autumn. Now and then it rains to cool off so that air conditioners are unn ...


  • Xtasy published a new blog 2022-8-24 18:13 (Comment)
    Dog Days are Over
    Finally, the dog days are over, gone with the electricity shortage, working-from-home, the burning, hot and humid feeling when you are exposed unde ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-8-20 09:11 (Comment)
    Try to write
    Over 1000 blogs which takes me up more than ten years and witnesses it as my growth. Every day, little by little, a tiny step at a time, one day a gr ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-8-18 20:45 (Comment)
    Being hot
    The globally extreme heatwave has made rivers and reservoirs dried up. And the deficit of rainfall has greatly influenced hydropower stations to gene ...



  • qianwen published a new blog 2022-7-10 23:30 (Comment)
    I am doing well now.
    Since I was child at my primary school, I became the fattest one in my class. It seems a shame for a girl so I was often laughed by my classmates and ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-7-9 15:14 (Comment)
    Hot & Cool
    High temperatures can be the prevention of moving further outdoors. But the meaning of summer is more than the heatwave, honestly, it can be the seas ...





  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-5-18 11:45 (Comment)
    Every morning the jubilance of birds singing inspired me to get up. Then I still stay for a while near the window for the admiration of the tranquil ...


  • rich published a new blog 2022-5-10 20:10 (Comment)
    Hello, guys!
    it's a long time since I last came here. I went through my share of ups and downs in past 6 years. But the thing is: deep in my heart, I know I have q ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-5-8 16:20 (Comment)
    The full basket of raspberry plucked from the vegetable garden was a surprise that I thought it must be fading away, since I had already had some la ...




  • Rosanna published a new blog 2022-4-13 10:34 (Comment)
    A little happiness
    Ms. Wang Xiao Qian is one of my favorite anchors, I know many people knows her from TV program, she was a good and famous host in Exchange ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-4-8 19:51 (Comment)
    Normal again
    Dioenglish is back to be normal again. Anyway it is a good news. But bloggers are not that active to post their blogs. Just few yeas ago, it still ha ...





  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-3-15 21:53 (Comment)
    Ideal weather
    Though as hot as summer, it is still the spring that reminds me of the time going out to enjoy the great season. Not just because of the flowers, gre ...



  • Rosanna published a new blog 2022-3-11 14:02 (Comment)
    Rope skipping
    Recently rope skipping is one of my favorite sports, which is easy to carry out when you are going to somewhere, and no need to find fellow ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2022-3-3 10:59 (Comment)
    My view of family
    Family will always be very important in my life. I was born in a loving family, there are five people in my family, and I have two brothers ...





  • cgmichael published a new blog 2022-1-26 16:59 (Comment)
    language improvement
    Ihad no chance to get CET4/6 in school previously, but over many years till now, my work language is english and need to face lots of oversea customer ...
  • Dempsey published a new blog 2022-1-26 15:55 (Comment)
    Reading is a thing I love and hate. As is almost similar to everyone, reading provides knowledge to know nature, philosophy to know life and entert ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-23 14:51 (Comment)
    Be so ready
    Hamsters are keeping foraging food all the time meanwhile having them saved into their cheek pouches. That strategy allows them to stock up enough fo ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2022-1-22 17:32 (Comment)
    My Study
    I have a study which is seemingly grand. There are one desk and three chairs in it, the desk being a very big, strong and hard one, and so heavy no ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-22 15:51 (Comment)
    Drizzle somehow wets the soil and adds poetic sphere to the bucolic countryside.The civilization of vehicles and concrete is not my preference, I'd l ...


  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-21 11:41 (Comment)
    Short Story 1
    In the end of 2021, one of the hotel owners, Judi, she was walking on the beach and cleaning up the trash that washed up to shore, she found a pla ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-20 20:47 (Comment)
    Dust to dust
    Beneath the flesh, it is a combination of arteries, veins, bloods, bones, billions of cells, standing for nothing special as animals. We are called t ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-20 11:58 (Comment)
    Short Story
    This gentleman was minding his own business in the park, then he heard a little girl crying. He went to console her, and tried to figure out what ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2022-1-19 18:48 (Comment)
    Two Ways of Life
    There are for me two ways of life: one is to be carefree and the other ambitious. I get up at noon everyday and go for some walking in the afternoo ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-19 10:30 (Comment)
    Inflation of the economy is ridiculous now; it drives up prices of everyday essential purchases. My internet went up the most, it was 30 dollars a ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2022-1-18 14:45 (Comment)
    Editing the new book
    Why I did not come to my desk almost for one month, one of the reasons was for my book. The end of each year I would be busy on my baby whi ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-18 10:40 (Comment)
    It is essential to have physical exercise to sustain good health and a fit body. I think those people who workout regularly, they look extremely a ...


  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-17 11:11 (Comment)
    To be Thankful
    We should always be thankful for anything that other people have done for us. To be thankful is also one of the secret ingredients to be happy. If ...


  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-16 11:18 (Comment)
    Emotion is such a unique thing we all have. Some people display it naturally and some people prefer to show others whatever they want them to see. ...


  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-15 11:10 (Comment)
    DioEnglish and I
    DioEnglish is so different now, and I think they are too commercial. I don’t recall they ask for money when you register with them, and I don’t ...



  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-12 11:24 (Comment)
    Cold Winter
    Last night’s temperature was at -7 °F (-21.67 °C), it was brutal. If you put a bottle of water outside, it would be frozen within thirty minut ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2022-1-11 21:40 (Comment)
    Struggle is not the same with endeavour, which the latter is more about motivation and with less torture. When one takes the way of struggle, he ta ...


  • 2amlittle published a new blog 2022-1-10 23:25 (Comment)
    For The Year 2021
    The year 2021 I knew myself more, I knew what I want in my inner mind. Because I knew the need of my inner mind so I was more brave to reject others. ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-10 16:11 (Comment)
    As always the respect of a manner to do a thing is productive and in a large possibility it rewards back greatly. Without specific goals, strong will ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-10 10:34 (Comment)
    Stock Market
    I haven’t checked on my stocks for over a year, and I just logged in. Oh boy, my stocks are in a bloody bath, and I lost over twenty thousand dol ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2022-1-9 20:58 (Comment)
    First Starbucks
    Yesterday I had the first Starbucks in my life. The shop assistant was very beautiful. I asked if there w ere any drinks which didn’t contain ca ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-9 10:11 (Comment)
    Totally Random
    This week has been eventful, draining, and exhausting. The bitterly cold weather didn’t help. I hope next week everything will be normal again. W ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-8 14:02 (Comment)
    Uncover the new
    In a blink of eyes the new cold wave is coming soon and the lunar new year is also there. Spring festival was the best time in the childhood, since t ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2022-1-2 22:16 (Comment)
    Night jog
    Jogging in the open air at zero Celsius degree is amazing to enjoy the winter which is the best welcome for the new year. I'd like the challenge. Aft ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2022-1-2 07:07 (Comment)
    Uncle Peter
    Uncle Peter is a navy radiologist veteran and a complete computer geek. We all love him; he is the gentlest and kindest soul we have ever known. H ...



  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-12-31 13:36 (Comment)
    A Wish of 2022
    The real estate industry has not been very prosperous in the past two years especially under the influence of COVID-19. All walks of life were aff ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-31 09:19 (Comment)
    End of 2021
    It is a year with expectations and full of ups and downs. This year made me much more thinkable and workable. To be more perfect is what I want and p ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-12-30 17:09 (Comment)
    The Meaning of Life
    From the philosophical standpoint, there may be no authoritative answer to the question what the meaning of life is. A human thinker may exhaust hi ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-12-29 11:54 (Comment)
    I should put less stress on myself. I am already a sufferer of life; life has put its full amount of stress on me, so there is no necessity for me ...
  • SmilingAngel published a new blog 2021-12-29 10:41 (Comment)
    Technology has been given us a life full of conveniences. I can’t fathom how young people, or even old people live a life without it. It seems ev ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-28 21:55 (Comment)
    Fight in winter
    The cold weather reminds me of winter. Being the coldest time of a year, we have no doubt to detest, while now keeping warm is the priority. It is al ...
  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-12-28 17:44 (Comment)
    First Snow
    Finally a fall of snow dresses the world white. I have to put on more clothes to keep myself in a mild feeling. I scarcely go to the open ground, ...
  • yvonneandmandy published a new blog 2021-12-28 17:08 (Comment)
    2022 new plans
    I haven't make any plan for myself for 5 years. These days I found some hot topic about the new year plan. I just want to make some records for me to ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-23 21:21 (Comment)
    Small drinking
    A warm atmosphere is quite outstanding for drinking. Since I neither persuade nor force friends to drink and also I'd like the moment that I can drin ...
  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-12-23 12:50 (Comment)
    It seems that the relationship between property owners and residential property gets rarely along well and there are always some friction between th ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-21 10:15 (Comment)
    Cold silence
    Without the heat of sunshine, it goes to be cold. But the inner heart is still warm and longing for the ethereal enthusiasm. As it does not yield and ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-12-20 15:58 (Comment)
    Be Better or Be Great
    I can never be great, my experience tells me. No matter how hard I try, I am so minute among the great world that too much I fear. But I am not sur ...


  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-12-17 13:20 (Comment)
    New Comer
    The new comer was on board yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to say hello to him because of tight schedule. I just heard he has more than ten ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-9 22:29 (Comment)
    Follow the way
    The hardest time for man is he does not know where else he should and could go. Almost everyone has that kind of tough moment. Since it is normal and ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-12-9 09:12 (Comment)
    10 December 2021
    They seem to be exempt from attendance, Being absent from posts at main entrance. As a partner, I have ensured my presence. Or else, I might feel a ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-8 10:44 (Comment)
    The fast connection of internet makes it easier for us to browse. For example, a film can be downloaded within minutes and we even do not need to dow ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-12-6 10:37 (Comment)
    How to keep fit
    Good health is the most valuable asset a person can have. There are three things that a person can do to stay in good shape: eat the right ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-12-6 08:55 (Comment)
    7 December 2021
    He should come to bid farewell. If he can't, anyhow I won't tell. On his doings I'd hate to dwell. Any bad mood I want to dispel.


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-12-4 21:23 (Comment)
    The strong smoker went out to smoke all the way as the train arrived at stops. After the pacification of nicotine he seemed to be well and went back ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-12-3 08:36 (Comment)
    4 December 2021
    He will dip scallions in thick sauce When dining taken as side course. So if I deliver him such a present, He'll accept and may be pleasant.


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-11-28 09:25 (Comment)
    29 November 2021
    The sun beams penetrated the window. Our room got warm and bright in glow. This agreeable time flied like an arrow. Therefore I wou ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-27 22:22 (Comment)
    As of we were born, we were firmly doomed in the connection of genes and families, thus we cannot change that forever. We may complain but nothing wo ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-25 23:09 (Comment)
    Thoreau's Walden is a wonderful land. Its natural environment breeds all creatures and shields any of disturbance from the outer world. Living there ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-19 23:20 (Comment)
    Whether we are willing or not, something we have to meet and tackle. There is no hidden room from the reality. We may complain but still have to envi ...


  • sys published a new blog 2021-11-17 21:54 (Comment)
    useful writing material
    Model 1. In recent years, it has become a widespread problem that _________ The major reasons for ________ can be listed as follows. fir ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-11-16 08:26 (Comment)
    16 November 2021
    The seasons tend to get out of order. Early spring intrudes into chill winter. The earth seems to have had a fever. I doubt whether man could treat ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-15 21:24 (Comment)
    At the first beginning of the break of the pandemic, we all cared a lot about the personalsafety fearing of being infected. And like most others, I w ...
  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-11-15 18:19 (Comment)
    Life (Zhou Guoping)
    Life is the miracle in universe, its origins veiled in mystery. Is it the product of evolution, or God ’s creation? The answer is not important. W ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-11-15 10:00 (Comment)
    15 November 2021
    Snow on the road has melted away. I'm able to cycle freely again today. Dome looks azure rather than gray. What a magnificent natural display!



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-13 21:14 (Comment)
    Mortal being
    With flowery language, if there was no way to observe cooly and wisely it is hard to recognize and tell which is right or faulty. Then it is not easy ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-12 11:11 (Comment)
    Believe it or not, ads are everywhere and at any time we can receive and meet them. They can be contained in tv series. They also have many ways to s ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-11 13:42 (Comment)
    Regularly I dump some items that I do not use anymore. They can do nothing but occupy the room that I can not put new stuff if I do not clean those u ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-11-10 11:00 (Comment)
    Contract agreement
    I would like to share with you the contract agreement I did at Oct 20th for our AYI who will come to my mom home. I have experienced to dea ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-9 21:37 (Comment)
    Number one
    The use of windows 11 has featured well. So I feel it was deserved to upgrade. When it comes to Microsoft, we may assume it a company selling windows ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-11-8 21:16 (Comment)
    The cactus never gives up living well. Years ago I ran into a small cactus which was withered to be dying. I took the poor thing back and had it plan ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-11-7 19:44 (Comment)
    Start of Winter
    It is so accuracy that at the first day of Winter is snowing in everywhere of Beijing and Tian Jing, each of friends are sending their pictures an ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-11-3 17:44 (Comment)
    Out of character
    I have social phobia. It’s hard to tell whether it is written in my genes or I just got it from somewhere in my childhood. The thing is, I suffe ...


  • johnsonwu published a new blog 2021-10-31 12:02 (Comment)
    In the pandemic, there was a stronger, wider idea that kept raising in my head, though I tried vainly to suppress it. This was to escape the ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-10-29 21:13 (Comment)
    Abandonment of the traditional layout, the Windows 11 has adapted the new style which is similar to the look of Mac OS. After the upgradation, I feel ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-10-28 17:11 (Comment)
    The Yearning for Love
    When I was young and not ill, the campus life was full of colourful girls. I once lost my heart to those who had both inside and outside beauty, and ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-10-28 15:30 (Comment)
    Drinking water
    The water is so sure to be good for health that I keep drinking it regularly. Before going to work, I have a glass of water. Before jogging around, I ...
  • ada23 published a new blog 2021-10-28 14:02 (Comment)
    Koi Fish III
    I don`t know when exactly i wanna a black koi fish, maybe the rarity of this color or the moment ipicked the fish andit looked back at me. It just t ...



  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-10-25 18:56 (Comment)
    A surprise
    This morning I attended an awarding ceremony that I guess every parent would be more than happy to attend: awarding ceremony for the students. ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-10-24 18:26 (Comment)
    Life in the Duty Room
    The life in the duty room is boring to death, but I still have to live it. There is no substitution for the peace I dwell in. The loneliness I suffe ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-10-22 11:56 (Comment)
    Anxiety started to form in my chest. It was building up and then exploded like a grenade. Hands trembling, I swallowed all of those pil ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-10-20 11:32 (Comment)
    Pessimistic and optimistic; determined and indecisive; strong and week; organized and messy; lazy and hard-working, all of these opposite traits ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-10-19 09:38 (Comment)
    19 October 2021
    Yesterday came down this year's first snow. Last night temperature dropped to 5 below. At dawn both ice and frost started to show. To human beings i ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-10-18 10:09 (Comment)
    New stop
    The rain stopped for the time being which started in the morning. It is more like the moment being into the winter. Just few days ago, it was still a ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-10-16 15:57 (Comment)
    The price of pork is comparably cheap which was as expensive as beef two years ago. That price accounts for a large portion in the weight of CPI. Cur ...


  • jakia_zou published a new blog 2021-10-11 22:09 (Comment)
    One day,you will understand that:What is worth showing off is not so much money we have, not cars we drive,not luxury houses we live in,but when most ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-10-7 08:52 (Comment)
    Physical examination
    Recently I did not feel very well, sometime I was a little bit anxious I cannot get the good sleep. My waist has been made the trouble to me ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-10-6 08:47 (Comment)
    The nest built up by swallows has a new host. Since no intention of disturbance, I has no chance to observe what kind of the birds really are. One th ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-10-5 14:54 (Comment)
    October 5th, 2021
    The temperature is finally going down, and cooled is my vexed feeling. When I go out, the sunshine is warm rather than scorching, and breezes fondle ...




  • Tomdeng published a new blog 2021-9-25 10:46 (Comment)
    This is myy first blog
    This is my first blog.I'd like to write something and feeling about my work and my family. On the one hand,I want to make friends from all parts of th ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-9-23 09:14 (Comment)
    23 September 2021
    For rainy weather we saw no moon. I wish sky could clear up very soon. The garden is saturated with water. If only onions had been got in ever.




  • IMNONARCISSUS published a new blog 2021-9-16 21:10 (Comment)
    More than one year ago, a young came to the company and became a new colleague of me in the same office. A smart young fellow! That is what he impress ...


  • jpliu published a new blog 2021-9-15 12:35 (Comment)
    A Key Talk
    Now my turn comes to be forgetful. This morning no sooner had I closed the door than I remember my key was inside. Things like this happen ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-9-15 09:32 (Comment)
    15 September 2021
    These are final good days of the year. Autumnal sky looks so high and clear. Leaves start changing color with fear. Very soon cold winter will set i ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-14 09:19 (Comment)
    Ideal and reality
    A survey conducted on graduates that over sixty percent of them believed their ability to realize one million salary yearly within ten years. If this ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-13 13:00 (Comment)
    As no sincerity in cooperation, I turned down the invitation being a partner in a project. I do not regret and feel wise to do that. In business, as ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-9-12 18:54 (Comment)
    How I learn English?
    I am not major in English, I am major in French, I can say nobody believes what I said, and that’s truth. When I was in the training schoo ...


  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-9-11 12:02 (Comment)
    Yesterday, I picked up a phone call from a headhunter and he told me whether I consider to switch a far working place. In return, I could get a hi ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-9-10 09:40 (Comment)
    10 September 2021
    Happy to receive gifts on Teachers' Day. I've been satisfied with my present pay. It's wise for me to have chosen the bay. Late father had ushered m ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-9-9 20:07 (Comment)
    September 9th, 2021
    Abasement and confidence are both given by oneself rather than imposed by the outside. A confident man, however suppressed and left out, will alway ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-8 20:56 (Comment)
    Dreams on the way
    On the Wechat movements I found a video of boxing training posted by a former colleague. Graduated from a PE school, and he was recruited to be a sec ...
  • IMNONARCISSUS published a new blog 2021-9-8 18:11 (Comment)
    Why does this website not have its own app? I would browse it more often if I havenbsp; an App of it on my mobile phone. It would be more convenient t ...
  • davidjuyong published a new blog 2021-9-8 15:28 (Comment)
    What is the true friends? What do you definite the means of true friend? My wife told me that a of her best friend's daughter have a serious di ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-7 22:50 (Comment)
    Right expression
    Preciseness is of importance to express information in communication. The use of words, the expression of sentences and the structure of articles, th ...




  • jakia_zou published a new blog 2021-9-4 15:00 (Comment)
    Focus on one thing
    I find it's hard for me to focus on one thing for a while recently.When i want to read something,just keep few minutes,my thought is running away:w ...
  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-9-4 12:20 (Comment)
    It is really bad news to most parents who have children attending after-school classes because the owner of the cram school has run away with the mo ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-4 08:14 (Comment)
    What we learnt
    One time in school we could solve equations, do calculus, remember the periodic table of elements, understand laws of physics, learn the knowledge of ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-3 20:55 (Comment)
    Tennis is one of my favourite sports. It needs strong power and skills to serve the ball with the racket. Besides, it can build up stamina and train ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-2 22:04 (Comment)
    Journey of a thousand miles
    Scorching sunshine as though tells of the summer. Such kind of a weather continues. Normally it is unavoidable to go through hot and cold. And it is ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-2 08:33 (Comment)
    Damp air indicates the upcoming rainstrom. At the tail of summer, the autumn asks of the patience for the transition of season changing. No si ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-1 22:16 (Comment)
    Trial and tolerance
    Any kind of achievement is on the base of hard work. Nothing is easy to get. Otherwise, it is only an imagination. The reason we hesitate to try lies ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-9-1 09:33 (Comment)
    Today is the day of schooling for students going back. They carry heavier schoolbags than I did in my childhood, most of them are wearing glasses.The ...
  • davidjuyong published a new blog 2021-9-1 11:14 (Comment)
    9.1 Back to school
    Today is the first day of backing to school for my children. They are happiness ! The period of learning at the school of their life is the most happ ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-31 09:26 (Comment)
    Every choice is becoming the future diversity. Each chosen road is to be a track to a new destination. The key to decision is up to the cool mind whi ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-30 10:41 (Comment)
    Black hole of life
    In reality the priority is to work and live well. Normally as presumed, it is going to be better and nicer. The truth turns out to be like this: over ...


  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-8-28 11:56 (Comment)
    Due to the impact of the global chips shortage, the company's production capacity has been running at a low level and this trend will continue until ...



  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-26 09:34 (Comment)
    26 August 2021
    The library is quite serene and clean. Noise is absent and smokers unseen. How fortunate I think to serve there! I long to hold the place until I r ...




  • jakia_zou published a new blog 2021-8-23 22:22 (Comment)
    Lie down thought
    There are a lot of young people in China select to lie down,they think have hopeless in future. Young people have lots of pressure at present.Be a ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-21 19:31 (Comment)
    Sound of nature does not need magnificent play. Moreover, it only displays its essence naturally and does not care if there were audience around. Som ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-21 13:11 (Comment)
    Perfect weekend
    So delightful it is, since the cool air makes me comfortable to have fun on this weekend. It is said the most hottest days are gone and I am released ...
  • davidjuyong published a new blog 2021-8-21 09:11 (Comment)
    Have a holiday
    Tomorrow is Sunday. I have four days holidays in a mouth. This is a typical mode of manufacturer. when I am on Monday ,I desire the Sunday come quic ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-20 22:09 (Comment)
    Free drink
    On account of business, drinking in the dinner with clients is usually unavoidable. Because of connection between friends, drinking sometimes is also ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-20 10:15 (Comment)
    Begins at a first step
    A week of indoors workout has taken into effect. More consumption of water and reasonable diet, at the same time, I feel relaxed and energetic. I sti ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-8-19 10:47 (Comment)
    Digital addictions
    Digital addictions are drowning ud in Dopamine. There is one article from YLYK today, it is talking about depression and anxiety from digital addi ...




  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-16 11:53 (Comment)
    16 August 2021
    Weather of early autumn is temperate. The phase to the scholars is of benefit. In high spirits they can write and read. As late spring,this is refre ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-16 09:56 (Comment)
    Extreme weather
    As it has been raining for days, it is as cool as a real autumn is. Still it is not yet to be able to see yellow fallen leaves, next month it is goin ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-8-15 17:16 (Comment)
    Be Your Personal Best
    Being your personal best is a beneficial state of mind to bring your every better. Do not be anxious about whether the “best”has been reached or n ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-15 09:09 (Comment)
    Dance to the music
    Having the Jazz music to relax so that it is free in mind to deal with docements. Days of raining cools down to be like the real autumn. For the time ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-14 11:59 (Comment)
    14 August 2021
    Every night I watch a serial play, Which may often carry me away. I like very much its ending song. Darkness of fall is no more long.


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-8-13 23:11 (Comment)
    On Progress
    Sometimes there is a phantom that makes you feel retrogressive, even though you are unceasingly working hard on a certain object. L ike a musici ...
  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-8-13 16:26 (Comment)
    My Gratitude
    I must thank dioenglish. As a mental disease sufferer, I was once told that a person like me who suffered depression had committed suicide because ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-13 21:35 (Comment)
    Something needed
    The journey to the final destination is still on the way. As if there was no end. That kind of a wonder really shocks in the deep mind. While it does ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-12 22:43 (Comment)
    The rain in the night
    The night rain silences everything. Raindrops play the crisp sound and I am into that world of nothing bothered. It is the time to unload for a while ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-12 09:19 (Comment)
    Desire to do it
    One of the effective way to workout is weight training. That is a method of self-body weight training. It does not need additional equipment, we can ...
  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-8-12 13:13 (Comment)
    A Diary
    Today my grandfather, having to be away for the third time inthis month, asked me totake care of grandma who would know sleeping above breakfast if ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-12 11:09 (Comment)
    12 August 2021
    Autumn has been gloomy since ancient times. That may be shown by many famous rhymes. Prolonged showers deprive us of the sunlight. Bedrooms could tu ...
  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-8-12 09:03 (Comment)
    Talking about my mom
    I have written many blogs about my mom, today I still want to record my mom’s life. She is 88 years old. This year all Party members whose ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-8-11 16:55 (Comment)
    To My Friend
    I am a sufferer of bipolar disorder, a serious psychological illness. Because of this, I don't have the social ability to take a job and earn money ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-11 11:32 (Comment)
    11 August 2021
    On various cooked vegetables we're fed, So we reduce the consumption of bread. We'd like to have thick porridge instead. This can decrease heat of t ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-10 21:31 (Comment)
    Full day
    In the morning, three hours of weeding in the tea garden made me sweat a lot and I was totally wet. It was an alternative way for me to exercise. ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-10 12:47 (Comment)
    10 August 2021
    More and more bungalows are deserted. The houses have for quite long emptied. Close to locked front doors grows grass. And just a few pedestrians te ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-9 12:35 (Comment)
    9 August 2021
    I hope there's a slight wind every day. It puts my cooking stove into full play. I can light a clean fire without dismay. No smoke smears my kitchen ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-8 10:08 (Comment)
    A life as wanted
    Yesterday afternoon, I was to weed nearby a vally. A land is there to grow some vegs. I have been in the city for years and totally have no skills of ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-8-7 12:28 (Comment)
    7 August 2021
    Every morning shortly after I awaken, I have a good look at the tiny garden. The dewy flourishing young cabbages Greet me and present so nice images ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-6 08:32 (Comment)
    The online news can be found at any time and also it is the era ofinformation explosion. The introduction of AI makes it easy to screen information f ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-8-5 11:10 (Comment)
    New house of Anita
    Anita everybody knows who she is. She is not my blood sister but she is closer than anyone in my heart. One thing I cannot forgive her till ...


  • davidjuyong published a new blog 2021-8-4 17:04 (Comment)
    Rich VS Poor
    One day a father and his rich family took his young son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose to show him how poor people can be .They spen ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-8-3 14:44 (Comment)
    We have to say no
    If someone is asking you for too much, you can just say no to his requests. Whatever, such kind of a situation happened in life or work, we should be ...



  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-7-31 10:49 (Comment)
    31 July 2021
    We are obliged to last night's soaking rain. Vegetables and crops are refreshing again. And we should transplant young cabbages. This is one of im ...




  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-7-27 10:08 (Comment)
    After the typhoon
    The rain temporarily stopped, leaving only gale. The center of typhoon had moved out to Jiangsu province. Currently it is still cool which is the sit ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-7-26 10:25 (Comment)
    Keyboard man
    The internet connects us firmly and even closer than we do in real life. It also generates some guys who are attacking others by posting critical com ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-7-25 20:36 (Comment)
    Happy birthday
    July 29 is my day, It is the next Thursday coming soon. My daughter suggested having a lunch together at this weekend for the celebration. ...


  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-7-24 12:01 (Comment)
    Mobile Payment
    There will be heavy rain in the next few days according to the latest weather forecast. In order to reduce the frequency of going out, my wife bo ...



  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-7-19 10:36 (Comment)
    A Yi
    Since April of this year, my waist is not good; I hardly sit for long time, if I want to pick up something from the floor, I might have to ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-7-12 09:29 (Comment)
    Something great
    I do not need to see common ground, I only need to seek what I want. There is no success comes to be successful as same as others do. So I do not hav ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-7-7 10:11 (Comment)
    Countryside life
    One of my good friends rented a courtyard for three years with ten unit fruit trees at the suburbs in Beijing. At the last week she invited ...


  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-7-3 12:10 (Comment)
    I almost lost my temper when I taught my little son to learn today. I must try to control myself from losing my temper and keep patient to tell m ...




  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-6-21 10:45 (Comment)
    Donation Box
    Have you ever put your old clothes into the donation box in your neighborhood? If not, you can do it right now because the clothes donation ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-6-15 22:26 (Comment)
    Dragon Boat festival
    The Dragon Boat is one of oldest traditional festival of Chinese nation, It is celebrated on May the fifth of the lunar calendar and by peo ...


  • bombax published a new blog 2021-6-7 10:57 (Comment)
    Come back here
    Good day everyone. Long time not come here to post a blog. Recently have a very low mood on work. I am a sales on exporting home appliance. Due to co ...
  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-6-7 09:16 (Comment)
    Children’s Day
    Children’s Day is an international day for all children, but in the serious outbreak of pandemic, I believe that the most of children are ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-5-28 10:11 (Comment)
    You are not bad
    Sometimes you think you are a genius, while at some other time you feel you are an idiot. To be or not to be a talent, it is up to the moment of what ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-5-11 10:30 (Comment)
    The thunder surprised the land and then came the rain. It cools off everything. Birds seem to be happier inthe baptism of rain, twitter echoes aroun ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-5-3 09:08 (Comment)
    Because of the five-day holiday, the city is almost empty again, it only has few vehicles and pedestrians. Another view is the West Lake is full of ...


  • littbird published a new blog 2021-4-29 18:42 (Comment)
    This is the eleventh day I've had a cough。 My throat is itchy and I can't help coughing. It's really a very tough time for me,especially at night, ...
  • muli200807 published a new blog 2021-4-29 15:00 (Comment)
    Learning goal
    You should devote all your free time to doing as much research as possible,mainly because you want to listen to your parents and always try to be a be ...




  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-4-18 10:35 (Comment)
    Very right moment
    Follow your heart, do not let others invade your mind. Sounds not that easy, but it has to be like that. When you have the plan and act everything t ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-4-16 13:43 (Comment)
    Dare to Write Again
    It has been a serious damage to my heart since my grandfather together with all my family view unfavorably my ability and promise of writing English ...
  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-4-16 12:58 (Comment)
    Fried dough twist
    Fried dough twist is kind of traditional Chinese food, which is original from Tian Jing city as we all know. One day I was surfing Tik Tok, ...



  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-4-14 16:34 (Comment)
    Murphy's law
    Murphy's law again turned out to be true. The last experience of buying my lifeline medicine has cast a shadow over my heart. I was worried that ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-4-13 09:02 (Comment)
    How to wash shoes?
    There are many kinds of shoes at our home, the material of shoe are different, including leather shoe, sports shoe, PU shoe or plastic shoe ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-4-8 08:38 (Comment)
    8 April 2021
    While viewing pictures in candlelight, I got sleepy and retired for the night. And I dreamed of a south rainy sight. Piping from a boat was just a d ...



  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-3-12 08:25 (Comment)
    12 March 2021
    The fog was extremely heavy around. Things paces away couldn't be found. I pedalled on the very muddy ground. Cars moved over with warning sound.


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-3-11 12:30 (Comment)
    Double Kill
    Depression and Fear are going to track me down. I could hear their footsteps right behind—perhaps just one step away. Once they get to me, they ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2021-3-11 08:13 (Comment)
    11 March 2021
    The misrule has come to an end. Soon a new principal will ascend. I think this an unavoidable trend, Which people might comprehend.


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2021-3-8 11:39 (Comment)
    Let me pray
    I finished my radiation therapy. It’s definitely one of those Dear Diary moments. I had gone through all of these: chemo, surgery, radiation. I ...



  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-2-21 10:40 (Comment)
    YLYK app
    The app is an English platform, you can see the different views of the world, intensive reading foreign magazine, every day it is update a ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-2-20 18:38 (Comment)
    My Grandparents
    Both my mother's parents have passed away. My father went even before them because of cancer, but his parents carry on living. They are sound and he ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-2-18 10:29 (Comment)
    The day to work
    For most guys, it is the day that they have to go back to work after the spring festival. This festival is kind of different than it was decades ago. ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2021-2-17 11:15 (Comment)
    Here is the spring
    Basically the new year is going to end soon. Everything is almost going back to normal. Some guys have already returned to work. In the beginning of ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-2-16 10:30 (Comment)
    Warmly home
    Just like old saying: you will miss your family when it is a festival, especially on Chinese New year, everyone would like go home with the ...


  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-2-15 14:52 (Comment)
    My Father
    Though I called him“old dad” instead of father, in front of me he called himself the old dad. Despite his comparing me to animals like pigs, asses ...



  • Dempsey published a new blog 2021-2-13 20:01 (Comment)
    (1) The Original Wish, November, 2016 Now I feel like writing something, but again I have forgotten what truly are the things worthy o ...







  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2021-1-30 19:52 (Comment)
    Year-end Party
    The year-end party was canceled due to epidemic this year, as plan, the party will move onto online through live streaming on WeChat and TikTok. ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2021-1-28 16:20 (Comment)
    New book
    January of each year is my period; due to the new book will be born which I am looking forward and imagining like my baby from the beginnin ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-12-24 11:36 (Comment)
    An apple every day
    An apple every day is good for health. It benefits to digestion and has improvement for hypertension. Its low fat helps to stay figure and nutrients ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-12-23 09:58 (Comment)
    Blind box
    Blind box is so popular at the present, why is so attractive for young generation, due to there is not marked on the box, it likes luck dra ...




  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-12-9 10:32 (Comment)
    Look for troubles.
    Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Honestly, it never occurred to me that among all of these reading would become the most challenging it ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-12-7 18:00 (Comment)
    Trip to Hai Nan
    Winter is hard for some of patients including Tiger, we would like to South of China for the period, but unfortunately Tiger had attached the hear ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-12-3 21:25 (Comment)
    Interest is the best teacher. When you want to do something, just go ahead and try doing it. It does not matter if you fail. If you try doing nothin ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-12-1 22:43 (Comment)
    Not easy to stay calm always. Personality can not combat craziness. We are likely to be influenced by surroundings. It does not simply do the fool s ...




  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-11-22 23:30 (Comment)
    Words are the basic elements of sentences. If we want to improveEnglish in allaspects, vocabulary should count. Native speakers have an estimated vo ...
  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-11-22 13:54 (Comment)
    Comes the winter
    Temperatures in the northeast drop to below zero Celsius. The dominance of icy world will continue for months.And in the south it is stillfar from t ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-11-19 18:07 (Comment)
    Live in the moment
    The past is a ghost, insubstantial, unaffecting. No matter how hard you’ve tried to hold on to, it slips through your fingers like the water. It ...
  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-11-19 11:46 (Comment)
    19 November 2020
    The rain turned to snow at night. All t he world changed into white. I found eaves wore an icy beard, Also transparent comb appeared. ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-11-16 20:40 (Comment)
    Brothers and sister
    Double 11 is the day for crazy shopping at each year. There are many notices or advertisement from businesses to tell the promotion during ...



  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-11-14 20:51 (Comment)
    An extraordinary day
    This morning I left home at ten thirty am. I took a bus from Best Town and reached Caicai's apartment. I brought some green vegetables in a plastic ...
  • Guoxiao published a new blog 2020-11-14 19:17 (Comment)
    Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective, was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have liked this set of books since I was a child. Later, I started to r ...
  • douglas-baily published a new blog 2020-11-14 17:53 (Comment)
    Awkward Thing
    I suffered one piece of unbelievable thing during audit from internal last Thursday. The guy from headquarters did a bad sample with some defects o ...



  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-11-11 10:39 (Comment)
    Dodge a bullet
    To dodge a bullet means to narrowly escape a very bad situation. I am talking about the heart operation for Tiger had been taken 4 hours mo ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-11-7 10:57 (Comment)
    Most touching song
    A song is very popular in short video and Tik Tok right now. “可可托海牧羊人” , I believe you have heard it, the lyric and rhythmic ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-11-5 09:58 (Comment)
    False alarm
    Writing is always a powerful weapon for me. It helps me to let off the steam. It can mitigate the impacts of a lot, like anger, frustrations, and ...



  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-11-1 12:25 (Comment)
    Trapped bird
    I t’s the first thorough check after I got surgery. So basically, I need to get my blood multiple tested, and my body, from head to toe, ultrasoun ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-10-30 09:20 (Comment)
    Doctor Phobia
    I started to feel nervous several hours before I went to see my doctor. It’s not just about time to do my regular checks, but it is “meeting th ...



  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-10-26 10:28 (Comment)
    I am invincible
    I caught a cold, not a bad one. It started with a sore throat, then the fatigue, doubling and tripling within moments until I was completely drow ...





  • venus_wx published a new blog 2020-10-12 23:31 (Comment)
    I am too lzay
    I just wonder if keeping writing is so difficult. I am too lazy! I have to urge myself to write something daily, write whatever I want. After all, o ...


  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-10-8 10:41 (Comment)
    Take the champion
    The new film “Take the crown ” is very popular right now, the intensive perform and super film editing, let us know what’s the spi ...



  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-10-4 14:19 (Comment)
    October surprise
    Two days ago, Trump tweeted he was tested positve with his wife for COVID-19 which was the news spreading immediately throught the world. Later, he m ...







  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-8-21 11:45 (Comment)
    Lost interests
    Everybody knows that I love English since long time ago. “Using my own words to decorate the daily life” is my introduction of Wechat, an ...


  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-8-19 09:49 (Comment)
    Four seasons
    Life is like a circle and the majority of people would have four stages of life, from the spring of childhood to the winter of old age. Nothing can ...



  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-7-15 20:54 (Comment)
    Chapter 36 A smile
    AT the beginning of term Sophie ran to school happily. This time she had brought a great pile of new manuscripts to share with her professor. Howev ...





  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-7-10 22:57 (Comment)
    Chapter 32 A plum
    She felt so suffocated that she locked the door and wandered aimlessly on the campus. It was getting dark and many students on Big Bell Road drove ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-7-10 16:34 (Comment)
    Chapter 31 Twist
    The fourth Thursday was followed by troubles. At noon as soon as Sophie returned to the dorm, she heard Linda exclaiming: “Sophie, you did not pas ...


  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-7-9 10:12 (Comment)
    Chapter 30 A fortunate escape
    On the third Thursday of the Eloquence Class there was an incident. However, Sophie had a fortunate escape. It was like this: The professor asked t ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-7-9 10:05 (Comment)
    My wig
    Whenever I had to dye my hair, I hesitated. Somewhat allergic. I hate the odor yet I have to apply toxic substance on my hair. My sculp was not at ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-7-7 12:24 (Comment)
    7 July 2020
    It’s a summer morning after rain; Under the line drops still remain. The air is moist, cool and refreshing. The sky is light b ...





  • Rosanna published a new blog 2020-7-1 10:46 (Comment)
    Outing to Li Mu Tai
    Beijing is the only one area to have local diagnosis in China after one or two month. So out of Beijing has to show the test report during corona ...


  • teadrinking published a new blog 2020-6-30 22:29 (Comment)
    Just now, if I was lucky enough, I could have killed more than five cockroaches. But it was still okay that I got five ones. This species is hard t ...
  • sys published a new blog 2020-6-30 17:17 (Comment)
    me ?
    I just deleted a blog named , introducing myself to you . I decided to delete it owing to the truth that I don't know who I am now . suffering ...










  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-6-20 10:39 (Comment)
    20 June 2020
    I failed to make the steamed bread rise. Cooking couldn't change the dough size. I deserted the old way trying otherwise. Use of yeast gave me a ha ...




  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-6-17 10:16 (Comment)
    Reading club
    Yesterday I joined another English reading club. The way how I join it is kind of funny. I’ve been a member of Mint-read for about two years. N ...




  • bluephoebe published a new blog 2020-6-15 19:06 (Comment)
    It’s supposed to be a joke. I should take it lightly and even laugh about it. I did at the first, but after the meaning of it settled in, and ev ...



  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-6-12 11:09 (Comment)
    12 June 2020
    Climbs down the amorous soft breeze Flirting with roadside flowers and trees. Like a blanket extend the green fields; Such past ...




  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-9 21:25 (Comment)
    Chapter 3 Mat
    The next class, much to her amazement, a professor arrived, looking not plain at all: oral English professor from America. The students all gaze ...







  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-5 21:20 (Comment)
    How to play the piano?
    I play the piano. I press my fingers on the keys. I look at the notes of the musical composition. I press the white keys and black keys. For the no ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-5 21:15 (Comment)
    Meat rolls
    Ferment flour with bread machine. It takes one and a half hours to ferment the flour. The bread machine is automatic, completing t ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-5 19:21 (Comment)
    Leaves and flowers
    I would cherish every leaf and flower the children picked for me. I just tried to smile to them and talk to them softly. They gave ...




  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-3 23:44 (Comment)
    Little children believe that Santa Claus would fly in the sky, a plump, kind, old man carrying a large sack and sat on a sled. A reindeer would dra ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-3 23:39 (Comment)
    Spring outing
    We went spring outing. A wind picked up. The air was fresh. Tiny bright flowers were blooming among thick clumps. Pale green grasses were rippling. ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-3 23:35 (Comment)
    A rich man
    In the early morning, I waited for a bus. It was cold, and I waited impatiently. An aged man walked to the station. He looked strong. He spoke in ...




  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-6-2 15:38 (Comment)
    2 June 2020
    To Childhood On the canal bank we made a slide, Smoothing it with mud and water inside. We slipped joyfully from top to bottom ...


  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-1 20:28 (Comment)
    How to speak?
    Tone speak in a small voice, speak in a soft tone, lower his voice, muffled voice mumble, murmur, mutter, incoherent, whisper, drawl excl ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-1 20:12 (Comment)
    A Sunday with Kanpu
    I have never taken it for granted that one day I would meet a Tibetan Monk in person. In my opinion, Tibet has been another world where the monk ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-6-1 20:03 (Comment)
    Morning of Wuzhen
    I visited Wuzhen between 6 and 7 o'clock one morning in March because I did not have to pay the entrance fee at these early hours. I went there ...



  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-31 21:22 (Comment)
    Forbidden City
    I visited Forbidden City when I was six, in 1986. I marveled at the architecture. We walked on marble stairs and entered a room paved with wooden f ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-31 21:14 (Comment)
    A feast in a castle
    In ancient Greece, there was no rice. People ate barley bread or coarse bread. In ancient Greece or Rome, until medieval times, they had no chop ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-31 21:08 (Comment)
    One day, Miranda invited us to eat pizza in her house. She is a painter from England. She made pancakes with fermented dough. Then she spread ch ...


  • Sumingyu published a new blog 2020-5-31 15:38 (Comment)
    31 May 2020
    I'm ashamed of my bad performance In English speaking despite my diligence. It's due to lack of practice,I know. I must fill the gap for a better ...


  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-30 18:32 (Comment)
    An ape
    During Ice Age, the Earth turned extremely cold. The climate changed. The forest withered and there were no green leaves, insect or fruit on the t ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-30 18:25 (Comment)
    Noting my journey to Yangzhou
    People of Yangzhou shall be grateful to Li Bai, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty, who wrote in his poem: "Float downstream to Yangzhou i ...
  • Aurasolar published a new blog 2020-5-30 17:53 (Comment)
    At a moment I caught glimpse of a rainbow, As I opened the window and raised my eyes toward the sky. An arch in ...




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