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  • Peaceful moment
    teadrinking (6 hours ago)

    Sunshine has warmed the land that everything goes to be clean after a whole night rainfall. Nothing is better than a quiet weekend afternoon that no o

  • Work plus fortune
    teadrinking (The day before yesterday 20:57)

    In most cases you do not have to listen to other guys. What they said usually do not really work on you. What you engage in is to determine your futur

  • Football
    teadrinking (3 days ago)

    Eleven men grouped together chasing for a ball against the counterpart is not a simple game but a sport of will, skills, organization and tactics. We

  • Against the chill
    teadrinking (4 days ago)

    On account of no heat, it is cold indoors while as a southerner I get used to it. Surely, as the improvement of living conditions, air-conditioners ar

  • Cold night
    teadrinking (5 days ago)

    Frozen air makes the night chillier, and moonlight has already displayed in silence. Cold winter is in the dominance as new year approaches. Befo

  • Stay survival
    teadrinking (6 days ago)

    Compared to DNA, RNA is not that stable to duplicate since it is a single strain of genes. Thus, mutation is common among RNA based virus that means w

  • Picture life
    teadrinking (7 days ago)

    Everything can be photographed if we find it a must to record life around us. It could a tree, a puppy, people and anything else. Thus, from images we

  • The first day after two week's suspending
    qianwen (2022-12-09)

    After almost two week's suspending of schooling, we finally resume to normal school days. Even though the COVID-19 bacteria is still around us and we

  • Come on for the fight with demon
    teadrinking (2022-12-08)

    Don Quixote imaged the windmill as a giant monster that he rid his skinny and old horse with a spear rushing to the huge and tall building without hes

  • My new wish
    qianwen (2022-12-08)

    At the beginning of 2022, i held a hope that this year would be a lucky year for me , especially for my marriage affairs  . I was ready to start

  • What you do makes who you are
    teadrinking (2022-12-07)

    You have to read to keep sane and exercise to state healthy. You also have to be zealous for life because you own brief lifespan. Whatever you do, you

  • December 5 2022
    teadrinking (2022-12-05)

    As of the first case confirmed in December 2019, the three-year long covid-19 pandemic now seems to call an end of its restrictions. Lifting of health

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